Although both have called California home for decades.
Andrea Dewit and Beatrice Asseo were born and raised in Austria and France, respectively.
The two friends found a like-minded design sensibility that speaks of the South of France and other destinations devoted to a chic, casual lifestyle. Inspired by the small boutiques of Europe, AndBe opened in February 2013 in Paso Robles, California. 

Andrea and Beatrice envisioned a boutique filled with clothing, home décor, jewelry and accessories for both men and women. The ultimate idea is to enter and get lost in the beautiful things that the boutique has to offer.
"We wanted something where you could come in, listen to some good music, walk around and make yourself happy," Beatrice explains. 
Together, the two have carefully assembled a sleek selection of relaxed-yet-elegant clothing plus rustic and stylish home and table-top accessories from all across the globe. 

For the home, there are soaps from Missouri, ceramic pieces from Morocco, bath towels from Turkey and Tunisia, tablecloths from France, rugs and soaps from Denmark, and chic linens from Japan. 

As for the clothing and accessories, there are pieces from Australia, Sweden, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Maine, and even Paso Robles. Anything from the leather bag, to the cashmere sweater, to silk dresses orlinen shirts for men are refined and well made. 

Beatrice and Andrea carefully source their products with small designers, and provide as much natural, organic, handmade items as possible.